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Find trusted doctors for patients

Can you find a trusted doctor for patients that is up to you we offer a free?
service for the public to submit a listing for their experience they
have had with a great doctor it is impossible to do can we say that 100% of
the work performed by any doctor is that the answer is no it is not true.
We are human and due to the way; our medical system is administrated is totally
there are very few that always follow through on what they say they will perform.
And not all doctors are bad at all its finding a few great ones that do things right
by the book. We are counting on your support.

There is no such thing as a miracle doctor it does not exist because they all
go to school and study the same thing unlike another profession such as a hair dresses
or house painter. Yes, the other painter will down another would it be easy to get that painter
to state that another painter did wrong and gain a better name yes easily. I have seen
this done. Try to get a doctor to say another doctor is wrong they may not unless they are retired
and from another state this is where you need a great attorney to represent you that has
an expert witness and you still may not get what you have lost in damages. A doctor can place
you into a mental institution if he feels you are a harm to yourself or others would you like
this to happen to you if you were medically victimized I do not believe so. Although for trying
to claim your rights, it could happen.

So, this gives you an idea of what a doctor is about in most cases.
If I was a millionaire and the doctor new this he would be very afraid because would the other doctor
say you were abused if he was paid $200.000, dollars. Some people have this money to get what they want
what if you did not then what would you do this is fact not fiction anyone in this world can be paid off.
This is a world of corruption no doubt people kill for money. Men have gone to war over women so is this helping
people understand what is happening it is written in the bible that even Jesus lord god was sold out for
a bag of silver then crucified upon the cross. It also states wickedness is in high places correct so I
prey that I am helping someone to understand that not everyone that has allot of knowledge and money is honest
They just always want more when the oath is take care of your patients and god will take care of you.
Therefore, they take an oath when becoming a doctor.