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Prompt courteous service.

Is this always best to get fast prompt service if it is too fast something is wrong
it is good to have fast care although we ourselves can be our own worst enemy by not
for going into the unknown as they say what you do not know can hurt you.
If you are going for dental care especially there is no such thing as a crown in one week
from a dental lab. All labs have a standard of two weeks minimum if they are coming from
California or Mexico it will take two week’s if it gets their sooner I would not be shocked
that it did not come from a dental. This is clear indications its coming from in house and this
could be depending on what dental part it is Cerec crown machines are done in two hours although
this depends upon the dentist doing the work.

Not all dentist will use the same imaging process to make a Cerec crown and there is a large
chance that it may not match your original tooth. This is because a Cerec machine cannot cut
the same anatomy in a tooth as a dental lab can. If the tooth is in the back I would not be too concerned
about it being slightly off although the machine is new technology and cannot do the same quality
as a dental lab can do.