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Amalgam Dental Filling’s What You Should Know.

Amalgam fillings are toxicity made up of liquid mercury, the other half is
powdered alloy of silver tin and copper. Mercury is used to bind the alloy
particles so they become a strong hard substance to fill the tooth. Used for
over 100 years’ dental offices and labs were shut down for still making these
substances because of the high levels of mercury poison. It is highly
recommended that these fillings be removed from your teeth safely.

Allot of doctors fail to tell their patients about filings they really do
need this is poor especially when most X-rays do not show decay below
the filing. It could be a small amount of decay starting under the filing. This
is found most always under amalgam fillings there is small amounts of decay
under all old amalgam fillings most people do not want to hear this also the
dentist does not want to report this so the patient goes home with decay in
their mouth. It leads to tooth infection even tooth loss or allot of other
problems like bad breath halitosis from the gums food waste stuck in the
mouth. This really leads up to allot of gum problems rotting of the teeth even
sinus and throat problems. This is reported by a doctor I have witnessed this
myself from a doctor taking pictures as my tooth was filled. He took out a big
filling that the tooth was fine it did not bother me at all. The tooth felt as
good as new although when you got to the floor of the molar it was brown spots
in some places, even dark stains from the amalgam filing in the tooth. Amalgam
filings cause the tooth to stain black in some spots it does not look like
decay although this is how decay starts. It starts as a stain on the tooth and
then the stain just like missing paint on a car it turns to rot and rust. Are
teeth are the same as a car finish really, it’s the truth there is enamel on a car
there is enamel on our teeth. If you scratch your car it will rust quick
if the scratch goes beyond to the bare metal correct. Well our teeth are the
same when we scratch the enamel on our teeth with a hard tooth brush that
should not even be made we will scratch the finish of enamel right off out
teeth. Now air and bacteria junk is hitting the finish of the under surface of
the tooth so we will start to get decay sometimes on the top of a tooth.


Not realizing that when you had your teeth filled the finish was taken off
of the tooth and the filling was placed correct. When that filling was placed
it broke the enamel of the tooth. The filling went in although the edges of the
filling will be indented and the walls of the area went in will start to leave.
This creates a dent in pocket for decay to start to seep micro leakage into the
tooth. Especially amalgam fillings after 10 years they are starting to decay.
You should find a great dentist to remove the old amalgam fillings safely and
one that is going to take their time and not know out good tooth. It’s hard to
find this type of dentist I know however I am sure there is one some were that
cares. Remember when they remove the old filing its going to weaken the tooth
if they cut good tooth.

This is the reason allot of dentist do not want to remove old fillings even
if they look all right it can cause teeth to break. They can remove them
its costly and most people do not have the money to have this removed so they
stay in their mouth until they lose the tooth. If dentist used the right
removal grinder small fine object to remove the filing with time and effort the
tooth would be fine. They should use a great esthetic bond etch and fill on the
tooth. Just like restoring a car back to the show room condition finish. We do
not really realize what we have for teeth until we lose them it’s hard to eat
with no teeth and then other problems will occur teeth will shift with missing
teeth around them speaking becomes different. Therefore, implants are
important for missing teeth. An implant will keep the teeth apart and other
teeth from shifting into each other. Fillings and crowns save our teeth dentist
should realize they lose allot of money by not telling patients this. The same
as reading X-rays that are sometimes a total waste of time.

Preventive care 

A dentist should ask you when were these fillings placed in last how long
ago and by what dentist. This would help them determine if the fillings need
to be replaced. What are your eating habits do you eat allot of junk food at?
times most all of us do. Do you smoke cigarettes if so this is bad for?
your teeth and gums. Do you drink allot of coffee and take medications allot of?
Americans do because they are stresses with little to next to no exercise. This
causes allot of dental problems it’s the combination of these is like a bomb in
your mouth for real. This is how major dental problems occur very fast stress
anxiety family problems financial problems it becomes a horror to the mouth and
teeth even your heart as well they all go hand in hand. So be wise if your
dentist is not asking you this they do not really care about you. Or your teeth
or your smile dentist should not have to wait for crowns or teeth to decay they
should be on the patient on a regular basis telling them you need to come in we
are worried about you please come in and let us help you. It may take a special
level of care to do so that most dentist do not have. Therefore, I am writing
this for you I was a dental hygienist consultant also a chemical restoration
specialist and I have seen allot at my trades of also being a machinist alloy
specialist knowing different alloys was my job. Also, how they adhere to other
alloys of the same type. So, I know allot about what’s in your mouth you will be
surprised on what I have experienced in my life. I lost tooth number 14 top
left side allot of people lose this tooth to abscess I have found. It would
have been saved if the dentist gave me antibiotics before he opened the pulp to
the tooth and spread the infection into the other roots. If a tooth is infected
today the open it up and treat the infection they did not have this technology
25 years ago. So, if the tooth got infected they just tried to open it and do a
root canal. The worst thing you can do. Give the patient antibiotics first then
open the tooth after about a week.