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Lose Dental Crown’s Are Bad.


A lose crown on a tooth cannot be seen with an
X-ray there is no way for doctors or hygienist too check this process
so, you may not have proper help or is there.
Well yes there is dose your doctor care. Are you able to get dental?
floss under your small crown check it if you are able tell your doctor to
remove it immediately. If they refuse and say the crown is good do not take
their word for this have it checked with a periodontist. Preferable one that has
proper detection equipment to check for your crown to be replaced. I am not
talking about the blue or red die check for open cavity removal I am talking about
the special detection only certain doctors have if this is one of you we
suggest that you seek a high-tech dentist that is knowledgeable in serious
small decay detection. Some have decay detection meters keep it clean by all
means although seek proper care.

What is proper care example some doctor’s years
ago placed a crown on top of anything they could even do so on part of the edge of your tooth.
This caused allot of problems for people in the long run years later had crowns fall off
with stains under the crown, some lost the tooth because of poor dentistry.
the tooth should be bonded to a proper build composite. Not all dentist has these
skills that’s what periodontist go to school for remember they are working with small
items on your teeth. It takes allot of skill to get this fixed
proper not all dentist use loupes this is another problem. I would not allow them to come
near me without them if they are not wearing this leave promptly.
They can to see small objects without them in these areas of practice. When a
crown is not installed properly, you may get a
strange taste in your mouth or a not so pleasant order.

If your doctor does not help after telling them this seek another quality
dentist. Some doctors did not use a post they left the crowns on an edge of teeth
sticking up this is failure to place a post years ago. Why because maybe the root canal
specialist was not communicating with the dentist and therefore there was no
space left from the root canal specialist for the dentist to place a post. You
can blame it all on the dentist also the canal specialist. They must communicate with
each other, to make sure that the endodontist and dentist are giving proper
reports about what they are doing.

Crown Fell Off at gum line! There is help.




Did your crown fall off at the gum line can this be fixed? The answer is yes if
there is minimal decay below the gum yes it can be fixed if the decay
is not more than 3/16 of an inch below the gum line there is a
crown lengthening process. This is the best way to fix this type of problem some
dentist know how to preform periodontal some do not. You should seek a good
periodontist not a dentist. Because they know how to work below the gum and can
save it by separating the gum away from the tooth first about 3mm below the
gum. Second, they will remove the small amount of decay away from the top of the
tooth and build it up with a pin or esthetic build close to the same filling they use on
the face or filling of the tooth or a good build material. Once they have the
tooth build somewhat above the gum they should shave a small grove around the
edge of the tooth a few centimeters deep enough for the crown too rest upon.
Some teeth do not have decay it’s just yellow stain at the gum line, this is easy
to remove at or above gum line they will take the stain away genteelly if pins are
required for the build they will do so and build the tooth up to proper high so
the impression for new crown can be placed. If the old crown is still good they
can do a crown impression with post and place the old crown back on.

The order to have a new crown if yours fell off near the gum line
the new crown professionally only takes two visits maybe one tops, using Cerec
most dentist will do a core build this is where they do not use a post or may use a self
threading post to save the tooth with crown off at gum line. Post will weaken a
tooth and are not used today by good dentist. The dentist will separate
the tooth at the gum line with periodontal cord shave the tooth flat then cut
a hole about 4/16 or so deep and place a build material in the center this build material
is very strong. If pins are required in the center they will do so when testing the bonding
They should then cut a rim around the tooth so the crown sits upon the
rim onto the build of the tooth. This is the best way to fix teeth or a recommended
quartz post is even better to use if they must use any type of post. Gold titanium
are not recommended in teeth today they cause problems when light hits the tooth
decay starts on the titanium post. A quartz post is really what is better it is more
like your natural tooth. We are in a world of new technology where dentist can make
a crown in their office in two hours it is called Cerec crowns and they are ok,
although not as good as a lab that can get your tooth back to its natural anatomy.
Using periodontal cord when separating the gums away from the tooth
then have your crown cemented slightly below the gum onto the tooth this will stay with
you the rest of your life. Remember not all dentist know how to perform this
procedure so seek a real professional before you allow them to come in contact
with you. Make sure they are knowledgeable of this process. Do not try to fix
this any other way it will not last at all post core builds are things of the
past. They should not even be used only on small teeth due to causing weakness
when it is best to use a hole with pins and a core build material.
Is it hard to build out of the gum with a one peace post core build?
this is the worst process for any small tooth in the front lower or upper teeth.
they may use a post and do a build that is done in office. Trying to do what some dentist do
are called custom builds they do not always work and it’s not even recommended
to try. They have post already made this should not even be suggested by any
dentist. Some may try this for money reasons to gain more money out of the
patient. It’s not viable to try this at all. Most always you will end up with
failure because someone is trying to take away the tooth’s natural resources.
Dental products are made as a prefabricated process so that the dentist can do
proper procedures on their patients. It is not wise to try to proceed
with any type of so called custom build. This always results in a breach of standard
of care. I never recommend a post placed in any tooth use of pins in a small tooth is always
a wiser decision you will end up losing the tooth going for an implant trying to place post to
deep off the canal of any tooth it is not recommended at all there is allot of technology doctors
do not know exist.