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Root Canal’s Things To Know.

Root canal treatments and the processes of really what to know. How do you
know if you need a root canal this is for your dentist to decide if it’s needed.
There are allot of reasons for a root canal one is preventive maintenance of
the tooth to never become infected? This happens allot under teeth that are
covered with crowns or bridges the dentist should always perform a root canal
on all teeth that have big fillings or bridges or crowns. This prevents the
tooth from becoming bothersome to you as a patient I have noticed allot of dentist
do not refer out to their services and needs of a patient as they should they
are lacking to give other doctors a chance to do their services it’s called
greed. Allot of doctors just want to get the work done to get paid this is bad
practice and should not be done. They should test the tooth for hot and cold
sensitivity. If the tooth is sensitive to hot and cold to the point where you
cannot tolerate it then you need to have a root canal done or have the tooth

Remember root canals on molars are hard to do for some doctors because it
has four to six canals inside the tooth. If the doctor cannot perform a root
canal on the molar although can perform other services this is not good
practice. Not all doctors specialize in this area and that is really
good because they are concentrating on what they do best some maybe just
restoration dentist and if that’s what they do most always they are good at
what they do. Not all specialist does as good as they should they maybe in a
hurry to get it done this is not good practice they should be focused on one
thing only what they are performing right now only. This will avoid injury to
the patient.

please read carefully.

If a file breaks in your tooth canal. The doctor should
do these steps and report to the patient that there is no need to be afraid
one of my small files broke and tell you were it is breaking in what canal it is
broke, why it broke or how it broke also tell you if they believe there
is enough of the canal left to retrieve the file without the tooth canal
cracking as a doctor they should tell you. If there is enough room left to
retrieve this file when chipping away at the canal to get it out.
Remember you are human not a car part. If they do not tell you this promptly
there is something wrong with their practice period. It’s not tolerated in the
book of practices. This goes for any practice a doctor will always tell you
the risks involved in any matter of practice it’s your life to do as you wish
with. This is with dental or medical medications also the doctors and pharmacy
will describe the risks of taking this medication. If you want to take it take
it that’s the law they must immediately tell you before you proceed any
further with treatment do not let them tell you we are different or everyone
is different we all have the same consequences to face. Earthier we have
enough room to remove it safely or we do not get your answer.


Broken file  in root canal as shown in X-ray above this happens at
times when a tooth has canals that are narrow although this could be avoided
by making sure the files dose not get stuck or starts to stick. If a file
starts to stick then it’s wise for the root canal specialist to pull the files
out promptly do not wait until the files breaks inside the tooth. Seek a
smaller file this happens if the file dose break you need to seek ways to get
this fixed. It is not wise to leave a file broken in the patient they should try to retrieve
this as soon as possible. In many cases, it is stuck so the doctor dose not try to
remove this as you can see in X-ray it became part of the tooth seeking how to get
this out there is help. This is the link to advanced endodontics.

Retrieve file.

I cannot say you will find help from them they are out of California
although the right ultrasound will do the same thing keep in mind this dose
not always work reasons are as fallows. To get this file out of the tooth is
not always wise you can crack the tooth especially if the tooth has already
suffered enough trauma. The canal must be shaved or chipped away with the
remover or the ultra sound it’s the same thing.Although if this was done
when  the file first got stuck 9 times out of 10 if there is
enough tooth structure left they can remove the file.
although above them is the endodontist that has performed the
unknown. Please remember if it was not for the endo or dentist below that
made this system they would not be able to get this out.


The wise thing to do is always get an X-ray of the area after the work is
done. Waiting until a apicoectomy is needed is not a great idea at all. That
is why Dr Cliff Ruddle, from Santa Barbara California. Invented the Ruddle
File system remover. I cannot say this is proper also reasons are it will tear
up the canal of the tooth and weaken it may break one day when you go to bite
on it. You will get your file out you may also get rid of the strange
sensation you have although the tooth will now become weaker sorry to say.
It’s not wise practice at all it works although not recommended. Therefore
not too many Endodontist are using this technique at all. This machine shaves
the other chips away to get the file. This is his video.


This is a process of shaving around the file until it’s taken out. Call Dr
Ruddle 800-753-3636 you may have to fly to California to get the file
removed.   If you want your teeth you may have a chance to get this out.
If the tooth is filled over this maybe a problem now they must remove
filling to get at the file. Not wise at all and should not be recommended at
all to fill over a tooth with this in it. You should continue with other work
as needed although no one should meet this tooth until its
removed. Allot of Doctors that do this they know what they did although try to
hide this from the patient and send them home with a broken file. It depends
were the file breaks it’s not always a bad thing however if it is broken within
5mm from the bottom of the tooth this is not good. According to medical
standards this should not at all be placed there. Root canal files are made of
titanium steel so I would not be that alarmed just yet they do not rot or
become decays easily. It’s a surgical instrument although it could cause weak
feeling in the tooth this is because of the titanium steel is low to the gum
or not enough nerve was taken out when the file broke. If you do not
have ongoing pain I would not worry about this.

This is if you can get the doctor who did this to pay for your damages if
not you will have to take it out of your own pocket or take legal action. No
one wants to sew the doctor as a matter of fact that some are ruthless about
this and even lawyers are afraid.   This may fallow their health if they
sew them think you may have to get a lawyer from another town or state if a
real doctor messes up they should not hide anything at all they have insurance
for this it’s so unfair to the people that just want their health fixed we are
counting on them to help us. This should not be at all I do not have tolerance
for any doctor that is in practice that hides or dose not abide by their oath
they took when they became a doctor is to help the patient 100% of the best of
their ability. And they also swore over the holy bible to not lie to their patients

About this

The doctor should always tell you if they broke an instrument inside your tooth
if it breaks it should be removed if it’s a molar it might be hard to remove
and they may not be able to get it out. Jam the instrument in most cases is
what the doctor will do if they feel they cannot get it out. Or if they do
not have the proper remover to get it out they may feel the canal is too weak
and it becomes part of your tooth until you lose it. Were some live in
other states there is no one with a ruddle file system remover and they will
try to vibrate chipping the canal out around the drill or file stuck. This may
not work at all because it is locked into the tooth. You sometimes may get a strange
sensation of pain on that tooth. This is not good although its
not what other teeth feel like even if you  try to forget about it and it comes
back like the tooth has a broken or cracked feeling to it is not good.
It needs to be taken out sooner than later.

Another good video to watch why do root canal files break it is sometime
due to torque in the file there are 0% defects in  NI TI file.

Watch this video.

is rear that a file breaks and if it dose its because of excess torque on the
file or pressure. The broke area of the file is because the file’s get weak it
was already going to break. As in my case i had 3 shots a Novocain plus 30. If
a file starts to stick then the doctor performing the root canal should stop
and seek another file not too keep trying to penetrate that area with that
file. It has become to risky now the file is weak and it has already taken
enough abuse. Root canals are not that hard of a process i use to have to work
with machines that are way harder to operate than filing a tooth. I use to
perform  drill and tap motor vehicle cylinder heads to seal up water
tight a water jacket. This consist of allot of skill not found in a normal
person. Fixing a cracked cylinder head so it no longer leaks water is not
easy. This consisted of a drill tap and over lap smash grind. Other than
filing one area i would have to cut the edge of the plug and snap it off. As
long as my cut was deep enough the plug would always break off at my cut mark.
If it did not chances are i just messed up a allot of money. Out of 6 years of
snapping my cuts i only broke a few off flush with the head hard to fix
because now i have to re drill that hole to re tap with a deeper plug and not
break the water jacket. This only happened to me minimal and allot of times
when i did it i new it was going to break because my cut was not deep enough.
Its just part of lets say being sick of doing the same old job. Are hands can
only tolerate so much of the same thing then we become mad at what we are
doing or lets say lazy at what we are doing. When its done minimal we seem to
do a better job. Although on some ones tooth this is not a car part an extra
lever of precaution should be taken. Working with small areas requires allot of
skill these skills are inhabited over time and you must trust the one that is
doing the job to bring you to success.