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Bridges And Implants.

In my opinion having an implant is far better than a bridge the
implant is one a bridge although will take two other teeth they last long
it is a real hassle to keep clean and a not so good of an idea for eating with
food always gets caught in it. It depends upon your situation not all of us are
the same and sometimes this does not always work out best in the long run. To
me I believe an implant would always be the best alternative verses a bridge.
Its allot longer time to get an implant you first must have the surgery for
the screw placement and it does not hurt. That takes a good two months to set
or maybe more depending upon the person. They should be able to get the
abutment that is permanent after the second visit and send you for a permanent
crown. Depending on how through the doctor is mine is
very concerned on waiting a little longer even if the implant
goes in tight it takes a long time for bone to set around the implant to make
it very strong especially if you just had a tooth pulled in that area about two
months ago. Remember it takes about six to eight months for tooth bone to come
back 50% totally and four years to totally come back. Not all
doctors specialize in professional implants so far, I have had no problems
with the implants install its the second day I am a little sore on antibiotics.
Allot of doctors try to use a stem to do this procedure that’s a guide to make
sure they are placing the implant into the same area of that your missing
tooth came out of. Anything else is a failure.

My surgeon did not use
a guide he opened my gums and looked at were the healing tooth socket hole was
and opened it up and screwed back into the same hole. I looked at the X-ray and
its perfect so far, its sitting right where it is supposed to. The reason a stem
is used is most likely because the surgeon has not done many implants and does
not know how to open the gums safely without hitting any nerves. Or the other
reason is you waited too long so now they must find out where the old hole is
and if you had work on the other teeth beside it this could throw the
implant off during surgery. Don’t worry a good surgeon with a 3D scan can find
out where the implant is suited best to seat. It’s wise to get
an implant right away after a tooth is pulled it depends how healthy
you are if you are not taking any medications and do not smoke then yea you
could be a great candidate for an implant. Even people with periodontal
disease have all their teeth pulled and have implants.  After an implant
you cannot eat on that side or it will shift the implant. The reason also stem
guides are not so good is because yea it may heal faster although it may heal
with infection. A stem places a hole into your gum and into the
bone our mouths are the fastest healing part of our bodies and if the stem hole
heals fast it could lock bacteria into the implant area. This is not good and
you can become infected. The best way to place the implant is with guided
surgery of a quality surgeon that knows were the implants go’s. One day I will
reveal my surgeon that I recommend for implants I am not done yet soon
to be. Although the bleeding of any area is best with any object that god
above did not give you its cleansing the area of the inserted object this is
healing about the same way same time. This idea of tooth on a fresh implant is a
lie there is no such thing so get this out of your head. And if they do
try to do this it will shift the implant I do not care how they placed this
implant although it has not formed bone around it yet and it could snap out of
the socket and leave you with allot of pain more than the implant process
itself. You will be in serious pain so do not do this period. Allow a quality
surgeon please.

It is also not wise to give the implant a crown that is permanent for
at least six months to a year see how the implant works out make sure no
infection sets in this is rear although instead of chopping up a good crown
they have ways to place it on so the dentist can take the tooth off to clean
the area under it. You want to make sure that the implant feels ok and is not
bothering you in any way at all it should feel like your natural tooth. If it
don’t then there is a problem you should only feel a little sore not even
as bad as a tooth was pulled. That a good implant the next step is a year
of healing during this process bone with adhered to the implant, if after a
year you have no problems you should be able to have a permanent
abutment. This will seal off better than anything you can take off could
cause bacteria. It’s like braces hold allot of bacteria and one day they will
come off this is the same process for a good implant for a year they keep it
removable. Then they will permanently cement it on this is a process of safety.