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This is a person with a dental sinus problem



Tooth number 15, 14, 13, 12, on the left side. Also tooth number 2, 3, 4, 5, on the right side are bound to be the first to go in patient’s upper teeth. They can cause sinus problems before they go. Even leaving one side of the face somewhat swollen from gum bacteria to the decays of the tooth seeping into the tooth’s canals. For some reason, especially on the left side of the face. Most people will experience what is called sinusitis so the doctor says. He may say its allergies however see a good dentist it may not be so at all. These problems are coming in several ways through poorly placed crowns on lower teeth and poor crowns on upper teeth. Here is an example of why implants are better than bridges and what has been happening. I went to the doctor and he said I have something that could result in me losing the whole side of my face. I knew there was something wrong this was a scare tactic to get me to spend more money with a sinus Dr friend of his. I did not believe him and I looked deeply into the X-ray myself I seen the problem. It was a bridge on the left side of my face that the gums were getting irritated from tooth #15 to tooth #13 the bridge is attached and the tooth #14 was the missing tooth this was the reason for the bridge well the doctor did a root canal of tooth #15 and did not on tooth #13 tooth #13 is right up under your left eye also it is up into your sinus area on the left side. This tooth was under a bridge for 20 years although it was taken care of. There is a small chance decay could be starting or irritation could be caused because patients now chewing on this side allot due to missing tooth on the other side. If you take care of it better it may go away for a short time enough to get other things fixed first although anytime this happens under a bridge consider a root canal on that tooth if it never had one. There is a 100% chance your sinus problems will go away. I did so and my sinuses are clear. The reason is does not have to be infected to cause sinus problems it could be just a small number of bacteria getting into the gum area then seeping into the sinuses causing allot of problems with eyes closing and sinuses closing.



My left eye was closing with allot of problems my left nostril was closing with allot of problems. I though I was going to die I looked Honorable and I looked at the X-rays on the left side of my face I said a ha I see there is no root canal on tooth #13. I went and started flossing into my gum area under my bridge and noticed an irritated area. I went and brought some Listerine with peroxide. I used my water pic flushing out this area good it was irritated although I did not seem to have any problems with the #13 tooth that had no root canal.

This is what was happening the bacteria was forming into the gum area under the bridge were tooth #14 was missing and the bacteria was getting up under the gum somewhat into the #13 tooth and was not able to fully penetrate #13 tooth its was causing irritation to the gum so bad almost so deep into the gum it was going into my sinus therefore I do not like bridges they cause real problems in the upper teeth so soon I will have to rebuild the left side of this area. A root canal needs to be performed on tooth #13 most people suffer this and doctors themselves cannot find out why. After the root canal, I will be fine. An implant in the back or straighten the tooth #15 and install implants were #14 is gone. Most people do not know the damages a bridge in the upper left side of the face can cause to a person you will get sick.